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FoodScoop helps you order food online from nearby resturants and takeaways shops. You can order food online on this website portal or through the mobile app, whenever you want, wherever you want. Just type your address in and we'll show you nearby restaurants and takeaway shops! You can then filter by cuisine, pick up or delivery options, and distance. Looking for that one favourite restaurant? You can also narrow results by filtering by the name of the restaurant. FoodScoop is your one stop shop to order food online. You search. We show. They prepare.

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Join the fight against world hunger,
when you order food online.

We are all born to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
That why the team at FoodScoop have decided to focus on overcoming world hunger.

Great goal. But how?
Every time you order food on FoodScoop, you will receive a dollar back.
You will have the option to:

If you keep the dollar, you can use this on future orders.
If you donate it, it will be sent to a food charity overseas.

Are you a #foodscooper yet?

Are you a #foodscooper yet?

  • "Living alone has become much easier and more affordable. Thanks FoodScoop!"

  • "So now I get to save money on food. Enough said. I've got my friends on board too!"

  • "Super easy to use, convenient and no marketing emails. Cheers for doing exactly what you say."

  • "FoodScoop is where it's at! Had a chuckle at some puns around the site - at least you guys have a sense of humour!"

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    How do I create a FoodScoop account?

    Click here or click on the "LOG IN" button on the top. Fill in the form, read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and submit! You will also receive an SMS verification code. Read more...

    How do I know if my order was accepted?

    You will receive a confirmation email and an SMS from us stating whether your order was accepted or declined. Email our support team if you need help. Read more...

    Are there delivery charges?

    The charges are set by each restaurant, so it will depend on where you order from. If the restaurant is closer to you, they will often deliver for free or for small fee. Read more...

    Can I customise my order?

    Yes! Add the dish you want to customise to your Order Summary. Some dishes have options to customise the size, flavour or cooking style. You can also add special instructions in the comment box. Read more...

    How it works

    Get your favourite food in 4 simple steps


    Find all restaurants available near you


    Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like


    It's quick, secure and easy


    Food is prepared & delivered to your door

    Your turn to feed us